Five Developer Finalists Announced, Non-Profit Transfer Complete

Dec 17, 2020

After receiving interest from 17 specialized developers from around the country, Universal Parks & Resorts has selected five candidates to move on to the next stage of consideration in the Housing for Tomorrow initiative.

Universal was pleased with the response to its initial request for interest from the country’s top affordable housing developers. All the developers share Universal’s belief that affordable housing is a human right and have experience creating resident-focused communities that inspire growth and are places residents are proud to live.

Universal will now invite the finalist companies to participate in a formal Request for Proposal process. The Housing for Tomorrow initiative plans to select a development partner by the Spring of 2021.

Universal Parks & Resorts has also established a non-profit entity, Housing for Tomorrow Corp., and has transferred the ownership of the land to this non-profit entity. This act ensures that any development of the property must follow strict guidelines on using the property only for affordable housing. 

The non-profit’s charter states that its purpose is, “Providing and preserving housing for low- and moderate-income people that is safe, secure, and affordable in perpetuity.”

Here are the five finalist companies:

Atlantic Pacific Communities
APC headquarters are based in Miami, FL. The company has 125+ years of experience with 14,400 affordable housing units and over 36,000 multifamily residents. Their affordable housing projects are located in Florida, Texas, California, Maryland and Washington DC. APC has been consistently showcased in Affordable Housing Finance magazine’s “Top 50 Affordable Housing Developers” in the county.

Columbia / Crosland Southeast Team
Columbia Residential headquarters are based in Atlanta, GA, and Crosland Southeast has headquarters in Charlotte, NC. The two groups have partnered in the RFQ process. The team has a combination of 110+ years of experience with over 13,000 household developments. Their projects are located throughout the Southeast. Columbia Residential is a leader in Healthy Housing, recently receiving one of the first designations under Fannie Mae’s Healthy Housing Rewards Program.

Integral Group / Bravis Group / Wire Development Team
The Intergral Group headquarters are based in Atlanta, GA, Bravis Group in Miami, FL, and Wire Development in Tampa, FL. The three groups have partnered in the RFQ process. The team has a combination of 50+ years of experience with over 6,500 affordable units and 16,600 mutlifamily units in a total of 18 states. Integral developed the first community in Georgia to receive the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant and Georgia’s first allocation of New Market Tax Credits.

McCormack Baron Salazar
McCormack Baron Salazar headquarters are based in St. Louis, MO.  The company has 40+ years of experience and developed over 24,000 housing units in a total of 22 states and Caribbean. MBS has been awarded 14 Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grants.

Wendover Housing Partners
Wendover Housing Partners headquarters are based in Altamonte Springs, FL. The company has 25+ years of experience and have developed 6,500 housing units.   Their projects are located throughout the Southeast. Wendover’s Wellington Park was chosen by Governor Ron DeSantis to announce CARES funding for Orange County.